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We provide custom ERP and CRM Software for the Real estate industry. People Tech Softs products helps manage your business with our all-in-one modules of ERP and CRM enabled solutions which gives you the flexibility to track and process a variety of Real Estate development related business aspects.

Oh! Did we mention, it is a one stop solution for all your real estate business management needs.

Our ERP and CRM Software are especially built to supplement all your business functions and is indeed our forte as we understand aspects ranging from land procurement, documentations, finance, sales and marketing, property and inventory management, construction, human resource management and admin functions to client relationship management and even to the extent of managing and marketing your business digitally. You get the advantage by being in command of multiple complex business and process modules to work with in the same platform.

We bring to you a whole new Real Estate ERP and CRM solution where different business modules are rolled into one with seamless interconnectivity and data interlink to help you understand the cause and effects of different processes helping you make informed business decisions.

Real Estate CRM Software

1. Real Estate Module: A simple and user friendly module that helps you keep track of all data related to customer sale and transaction details, available and sold plot information, layout details, executives and associate details, agent performance and commission calculations group data or individual data, land area under development and allocations details, collections and pending information, it can be a simple or detailed user interface to help track all such info with support of graphically, user friendly and interactive MIS (Management Information System).

2. Finance Module: Managing your finances, your investments, operational costs and returns while tracking multiple transactions can be a daunting task but our module integrates well known accounting tools and interfaces helping you to navigate through this with ease. It’s way better then general data entry and gives you much more in terms of flexibility and features. Since the entire program is customizable, we can add features to it as per your requirement helping you get the best out of it. Of course, it comes with basic BRS (Bank Reconciliation) features which intimates you and customer of a bounced cheque with email or SMS. All Financial Data from other modules can be integrated for viewing here for comparison and forecasting features and much more.

3. Layout Module: Designed for the Real Estates the features here are indeed interesting and innovative. Total plot information, with details such as availability, cost per plot, sold, occupied, directional facings, Vaastu, under discussions, area and finer plot details, with categorization based on parameters are available for viewing and planning. We can interconnect it with any other module to find other payment and financial information and options or construction progress details or even inventory and resource spent details for a particular plot for internal planning. We can even let interested customer receive SMS alerts on filling plots and many such features can be added as per your choice and customizations.

4. CRM Module: Sales and success in Real Estate is all about relationship with your customer and the entire process can highly benefit with our real estate CRM Module. Our custom CRM application helps you keep track of all customer interactions and interests and convert customer interests and potential clients into definite sales. It also helps you create statistical data and surveys helping you take critical decisions. It can also come with third party communicational and video conference tools embedded that allow you to be in touch with returning and potential clients. All other general features will be available such as bulk emails and SMS with greetings and plot information, anniversary and birthday greetings for registered clients and SOCIAL MEDIA OUREACH. Features can be added as per your requirements too. Of course, you can use our unique digital marketing services as well to support your marketing strategy.

5. Telemarketing Module: Tele-callers can make cold calls from prospect and interested list turning them into successful sales. This module can support live messaging for querying along with call records to keep a track of cold calls, call quality, issue and escalations, this can be an integrated tool with the CRM module to help you manage marketing and customer relationship better or a standalone feature.

6. Estate Module: The legalities involved can indeed be a hassle if not organized and the entire process. The estate module helps track and record all proceedings systematically involved with Land procurement and the Legal/Property Registration Department. Registrations, Documents, Procedure and statuses of each sale/plot/estate/property along with details like Agreements, Encumbrance Certificate, Certified property document copy, Link documents, Sale deeds, Purchases, Banking affiliations and multiple other official and unofficial documents are carefully classified and stored based on venture or development name. These documents as vital for the smooth and uninterrupted flow of business. We got you covered on all fronts.

7. Admin, HR and Payroll Module: Admin functions along with HR and payroll running connected can indeed be a hassle. This module will help you track employee work, holidays, project progress and performance, all HR and Labour Law based legalities, EPF and other financial aspects and many other employee information that can be categorized and documented for references. It also helps you run an office by including features relating to office stationary and stocks and many other add on features.

8. Cheque Writing Module: All things Cheque can be handled and controlled securely using this module such as print cheques that user just needs to sign. Such and many more features help in avoiding error in cheque writing and controlling misuse of cheques and errors resulting in huge damages. This can be combined with the financial module also or be a standalone feature. Vouchers allowing payment approvals can have such cheques printed against them to control errors. Generation of Post-Dated Cheques and EMI cheque can also be done from multiple national and international banks.

9. Property Management Module: This is a system that allows you to share vital information with projected clients about the property in a development venture from time to time. The information should be available online for the clients and potential customers to review. All graphical data, property maps and site pictures and visual representations can be categorized and shared through multiple platforms including social media. The information regarding site development and available properties can be smartly placed in front of your customers for them to make a desirable call. This system helps keep track and record of all properties owned and sold and also those which are in intermediate stages of development for greater financial decision making and marketing planning for your real estate firm.

10. Construction Finance and Sales Module: All data and information regarding to the financial aspects of developed property such as Villas, Apartments, Living Complex, Gated Community, etc can be tracked using this as an Add on feature to your financial module. It can help track all information related to budgeting, resource planning, financial evaluations and projections and sales figures and target tracking. This indeed helps in bring the overall development cost by helping you planning optimally.

11. Construction, Material and Inventory Management: This is indeed a super special module and is absolutely vital during planning of a project or a venture as it will track and keep record of each and every detail of materials, equipment and manpower allocated to a project. It can also help you track and plan you own in-house inventory, if any. Or can help you track and deploy third party services and equipment. This is super easy to maintain and can have multiple spot supervisor access to keep it regularly updated helping make major procurement planning and saving the firm a lot of money while reducing wastage. Site engineers can raise requirement quotes which can be measured and compared with previous projects and approved or denied and similarly many such features based on your requirement can be added to this.

This is absolutely important as: We bring all the above into one system to give you the seamless transition from one process aspect to another which not only helps keep your business clutter free and well managed and organized abut helps you cross check between modules and plan accordingly towards optimal business performance. Also, if need be you can purchase and get custom made modules suiting your specific requirements.

Get it all in one bundle or buy standalone powerful modules with embedded tools as you need. Feel free to reach out and work with us in developing a customized ERP and CRM platform for you and trust us you will be pleasantly surprised with what you get for what you pay.

Product Demos are already out on the field being used by many distinguished customers.

Give your business the edge with our custom ERP, CRM and Web solutions…

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