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An eye-catching website with SEO content to reach the right prospects.

A stunning-looking website that is Search Engine Optimized (SEO) and is graphically rich, and well mapped with all tabs and menus, and pages can go a long long way to build your subscriber base and catapult your business to new heights. In today’s world, most websites are literally the doorways to your business growth as any potential client will spend only a few moments browsing through them to understand your products and services better which really need to be concise, well put, and bold enough to grab their attention and interest quickly. As a Website Design Company, we at People Tech Soft are well adept, and with creative minds, we put together a website that checks all the above boxes and can be a game-changer for your business.

Be it a simple business website introducing a service or product, a super-creative platform where you share your signature art and craft, or simply sell stuff online, or even a themed platform that can range from wacky to bizarre, we have all these styles covered for good.

Website Design Company in Hyderabad


Our Web Design Methodology

We have a team of qualified and experienced designers who follow all the important design rules to create the website in a way that provides your customers with an excellent user experience while they browse the site or purchase anything. Let us look at five of the essential design rules we follow in every website design project we work on.


  •  Clutter-Free Website: Nowadays it is quite easy to include different features on the site but they generally make the site look cluttered. Such a muddle can put off visitors and make them leave the site. What we focus on is adding only the most useful features so that the design looks neat.
  •  Design Constancy: Trust is difficult to build when you are doing business online and if a website cannot build trust in its customers then it will surely fail. Design constancy has a very important role to play here and refers to keeping various design factors such as colors, style, and layout constant throughout the website. Our web designers make sure this point is followed in the design process.
  •  Compatibility: Apart from desktop computers people nowadays use smartphones and tablets to view a website. As such it is important for any website to function correctly on these devices. We make sure that your visitors can view the website equally well on these devices as they do on any desktop computer.
  •  Navigational Structure: Navigation plays a vital role in making the site user-friendly. It should be such that visitors can easily find the page they are looking for. We try to create a navigational structure that takes a visitor to any particular page in just 2 clicks from the home page. Additionally, all the pages are segregated into proper categories so that visitors can find all the products in any particular category within the shortest period of time and stay interested in navigating the site.
  •  User Interaction: Visitors are nowadays much more interested in having social interaction as well as closely checking whether a website is authentic or not. This is the reason every good website should include different communication options in the website design. A few things such as click-to-call, enquiry forms, social sharing, and live chat are a necessary part of every design we create. Such features let visitors communicate with you in a better way and can in turn result in increasing sales on the website.


Our Web Design Services

Some of our web design services you can make use of include :

  •  Logo Design
  •  Template Design
  •  Responsive Design
  •  Web Site Redesign
  •  Brochure Design


SEO Aspects Of Website Designing

Better visibility of your website in search engines can help to increase visitor traffic on the site. This is where it is quite important to keep in mind Search Engine Optimization (SEO) aspects for better optimization of the site so that it can rank higher in search results. Some such aspects are:


SEO Web Design Company in Hyderabad


    •  Image Optimization: Images are necessary for any website but they can make the site load slowly. Since page load time is one of the important SEO considerations, our designers use techniques such as image slicing and compression to reduce image size so that they load faster.
    •  Alt Tags: Search engines are able to know what the image is about by reading its ALT tag and we add useful keywords as ALT tags for the images so that it helps in better optimization of the images as well as of the web page.
    •  Heading & URLs: Heading tags like H1, H2, and H3 also have SEO value and our designers create provisions on every page for the addition of heading tags. Similarly, the URL of every page needs to be meaningful and all the image files, pdf files and other files present on the site need to have meaningful names. For example, if an image is about web designing, then it will be much better to have a file name like web-designing.jpg instead of image1.jpg. Such proper names will be useful for SEO optimization of the site while being easier to read and understand what the image is about.

If you are looking to design a new website or redesign an existing website to give it a fresh look then you can rely on us for efficient implementation of the task. Our experienced designers make sure that every aspect of the designing process is kept in mind starting from user-friendliness to proper navigation and search engine optimization.

You can Call Us or email us to know more about our design process as well as pricing and how we can design a site that meets your expectations.

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