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Researching is the first step to any project execution. We thoroughly research and analyze your business needs and convert them into actionable items and time-setting goals. People Tech Soft will have a consecutive meeting with you the client to clearly understand your needs, possibilities, and our research ending with us coming up with a document that outlines the scope of the project, our findings, and your clear set of expectations


Your project enters the planning phase where a strategic plan is laid out and divided into stages and timelines after the expectations, goals, and scope are defined and agreed upon. The types of activities outlined in the planning phase will vary depending on your needs. Some of the factors include whether you are a business that sells to other businesses (B2B) or one that directly sells to customers (B2C). People Tech Soft will deliver the project plan with specific activities and deadlines associated with project delivery.


The planned steps of action are put in place as per the timelines of each ERP, CRM, or Web-based project stage and priorities. Our representatives will explain the detailed quotations associated with the costs of project delivery. Once the quotation and project plans are finalized and agreed upon, we will start developing the ERP/CRM software or designing the website’s first draft. These will be shared along with you for further fine-tuning and will go through multiple stages of betterment and development as per your liking and the project plan that was initially agreed upon. After a few revisions, after the “look and feel” of the product and service is finalized, we will proceed to finish up and reach the final draft for your review.


Delivery of the ERP and CRM software or Web-based solutions happens after thorough stages of quality checks and client reviews and inspections. The final step in the project is to deliver the Product /Service that should by now be in its final form after numerous review meetings and changes as per your needs for CUSTOM PROJECTS. After the final review and acceptance from your experts, the product or service is handed over for usage.

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