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Project Life Cycle

People Tech Soft has a simple process where we setup a meeting with a client to understand their requirements.

Identify Customers Needs

People Tech Soft will discuss with the client to understand their requirements. Once the requirements are understood and documented a review session with the customer will be setup to ensure that all the client's needs have been addressed.

Planning Phase

Once the scope of the project has been defined in the terms of reference, the project enters the planning phase. This is the most important phase to help ensure the project delivers the desired output, in the desired time frame, and within the project constraints.


Quotation and Approval of Requirements: After all the requirements have been gathered by our design team, we will provide a quotation to the client. The client will get a documented copy of the requirements which they can review and finalize based on feedback they get from the customer.

  • Design: Based on discussion of clients approval of requirements the design team will create the source of revisions is the First Design Draft and design a proposed Web homepage, 2nd and 3rd level designs that define the "look and feel" for the entire site. We will refine the designs to your specifications.
  • Content: In parallel with the design process, you will be gathering content for your new website.
  • Web Programming & Site Build-Out: Upon approval of the final site design, and content, we will incorporate any supplied photos and graphics you wish implemented and complete the entire site at one time based on the approved site architecture.
  • Quality Assurance (QA) Testing: Upon completion of the website build-out, we will post the website to our staging site for Client review. Client will review all changes and once the final layout and changes have been review and approved by the client the website will be ready for hosting.

Delivery and Hosting

Once the final layout has been approved by the client the website will be hosted. Assistance will be provided to client to choose a provider of their choice or People Tech Soft will assist with providing a web hosting choices.

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