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Experience And Skills Matter

People Tech Soft is built up with multiple teams of highly capable, skilled, and experienced ERP, CRM Software, and Custom Business Tool Developers, Website-Designers, Graphical artists, Hi-End Website Developers, and Programmers who are well adept at what they do and understand the business requirements. Being a custom and creative software and website-making service provider we cater to customers with different personal tastes, goals, and visions for their businesses. This requires us to have a team that can align itself with your goals and visions and we take great pride in being a fully capable and self-sufficient business that respects and actually care for customer ideas and feedback!

Accountability And Assurance

As the owner of the project, being able to communicate with someone, whether you have a question or just remembered an important detail to share, is absolutely vital for smoother and more assured project development. So, right from the very beginning, once the project framework and quote are finalized and agreed upon, you’ll be assigned your own representative who shall coordinate all the proceedings. He/she will be available to you 24 hours a day, via email or via a direct call to answer all your queries and coordinate with the team at People Tech Soft. From the inception till delivery, your satisfaction and feedback at every stage are taken seriously and so is the delivery timeline, because we know just like ours your time matters too.

We Vouch For Our Quality

Our Website Designing Services and Customer ERP and CRM software Quality is indeed a class apart. We go through multiple rounds and stages of quality checks for all our products and services as we believe a job done well speaks volumes about the company’s ethics and policies.
We have quality team experts to provide assurance for the project and inspections happen even after delivery after the service and product have been handed over to your team for anomaly monitoring and adjustments.
After all customer satisfaction is attained only with perfect and uncompromised quality delivery.

It’s CUSTOM, So Everything’s POSSIBLE!!

All our services and products on offer are highly customizable, allowing for a huge range of possibilities. In terms of design, number, and types of Embedded Tools in the web applications, Essential requirements or modular ERP and CRM platforms, Website designs and additional attachments, Services as a bundle offering OR separate /individual service aspects… all make your life easier and your pockets happy!! People Tech Soft designs custom websites and develops ERP and CRM software that is unique to you, giving you the style, simplicity, and functionality that you need to gain that competitive edge.

Our Guarantee To You

  1. Our work is guaranteed All of our clients receive the utmost attention and the best possible quality from each of our developers and designers. Always!
  2. Every detail of your project is included in your Web Design Agreement, written in plain old English – so you’ll know exactly what you’re agreeing to when you sign it.

Call us now for a free quote and one of our professional developers, designers, and an expert will be happy to assist you with the basic services and project possibilities
Your vision is just a call away from reality! +91 93973-99949

Give your business the edge with our custom ERP, CRM and Web solutions…


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