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Google has recently changed its primary website crawler from a desktop-focused approach to a mobile-focused approach. This means that whenever Google reads a new website, it goes through the mobile version of the website to index it rather than reading the desktop version. So, a well-designed responsive mobile website is essential to make sure your online presence is registered by Google.

Additionally, internet users are far more likely to open your website on their mobile phones rather than on their desktops. Even purchases and other important customer touchpoints have now shifted to primarily being mobile transactions rather than desktop transactions. Hence, if you’re looking to maintain your competitive edge, you need an amazing web experience built into your business now more than ever.

In order to achieve it, you need to have a website that opens at the same speed if not faster when compared to tablets, or desktop computers. It also needs to be more responsive, since the user has a much more intimate experience when browsing a website on their mobile phone. People interact with their phones in a very intuitive manner and your website also needs to have the same “intuitive” nature to fit into their mobile experience. The digital real estate here is restricted and hence you must make very conscious and hard choices to include only what is absolutely needed rather than stuff everything you can think of.

Your website can be made responsive from scratch or a responsive nature can be retroactively applied to your preexisting website. Our expert team of designers and web developers are well-versed in responsive mobile design and will make sure your website is ready for the Google crawler and your target audience’s eyes!

Responsive Design Services

Responsive Features:


  •  Designed for four corners: All our responsive design services are created keeping in mind the four corners of the screen and not for a single screen resolution. The benefit here is that it makes your website future-proof and capable of functioning well in any screen dimension even if new dimensions are introduced in the future
  •  Cross Browser Support: Our designers ensure your website functions on Firefox and Opera Mobile as well as it opens on Safari, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or any other type of browser
  •  Device Agnostic: The main feature of our responsive design is its device-agnostic nature. This assists in providing your site visitors a uniform viewing experience on any type of device, be it a mobile phone, tablet, laptop, or PC.
  •  Performance: Our UX/UI designers ensure your website has the most optimal performance. They pay extra attention to the fact that your mobile website can accommodate much less information and needs much more design attention.
  •  Fluid Width: We create your responsive website using a grid that is built on a fluid percentage ratio, so it is ensured that the website doesn’t break or lose information in case a new screen size is used for mobile devices. Fluid width is a great way to make your website future-proof.


Our Strengths:

  •  Certified and experienced UX & UI designers that create contemporary designs with traditional values, so they retain the most essential information while looking classy
  •  Use the latest tools and technology to make sure all the features on your website function on mobile devices are included in your website’s design
  •  We are always vigilant of the latest trends and design language updates in the market and hence are prepared to make the right choice when it comes to your website’s design
  •  Our team is always available for supporting your endeavors and to ensure that all your queries are answered and resolved in a timely and efficient manner
  •  We also ensure that the fundamental SEO techniques are incorporated in the design, so your website is optimized for search engine crawlers and gains traction to achieve a higher ranking within a short period of time
  •  Our expertise ensures to transform your existing website into a responsive, mobile-friendly one with the least interruption to your business

Interested in making your website mobile-optimized? Contact us right away with a hello and we’ll collect your requirements and create a plan of action for your website’s seamless entry into the mobile world.

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