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Mobile usepenetration is increasing at a very fast pace rate and more & more people are using their smart mobile phones to viewbrowse websites as well as make purchases. Thus, if you want to beat your competitors and improve s sales then it will be important to capitalizeget the most out of on this growing market segment.

This will only happen if your website opens on mobile devices or tablets the same way equally well as it does on desktop computers. It is possible to make your site mobile friendly by using what is known as responsive design. and we have the necessary experience to implement responsive design it for your web site and provide it so that it can be viewed on any type of devicecross platform compatibility.


Features of Our Responsive Web Design

  • Designed for Four Corners: All our responsive designs are created keeping in view 4 corners of the screen and not for any particular screen resolution. The benefit for you is that it helps in making your site future proof and capable of opening properly on any screen dimension even if new screen dimensions are introduced in future.
  • Cross Browser Support: Our experienced web designers make sure that your website opens equally well, be it Firefox, Opera Mobile, Chrome, IE or any other type of web browser running on any device.
  • Device Agnostic: The main feature for our responsive layouts is device agnostics. This assists helps in providing your site visitors a uniform viewing experience ofn any type of device they are using.
  • Performance: We design your mobile friendly site in a way that it achieves optimalbest possible performance. Our expert website designers keep in mind that mobile devices are still incapableunable to manage of handling large website assets features and create the design accordingly.
  • Fluid Width: We create your responsive site having a grid which depends upon relies on fluid percentage to ensure that the website does not break up in case any new screen size is used for mobile devices. Fluid width is a great way of making your site future proof.

Our Strong Points

  • Certified and experienced web designers to create designs that open and function perfectly on mobile devices as well as tablets.
  • Use of latest technology to make sure most of the features which function work on mobile devices are included in your website’s design.
  • Most affordable pricing which none of our competitors can beat.
  • We make sure the work is done according to set deadlines and clients are updated on regular basis about progress of the work
  • 24/7 customer support to ensure that all your queries and doubts are answered in a timely fashion.
  • We include fundamentalessential seo techniques in the design plan so that your site becomes search engine friendly and gains achieves higher ranking in search engines within a short period of time.
  • We have the expertise to transform your existing site into a responsive one with least amount of modifications changes and disruptioninterruption of your business.

Interested in developing a mobile friendly and responsive website? Contact us now with your requirements and we will create a plan of action for your website’s seamless entry into the mobile world.

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