ERP and CRM software for Real Estate – this powerful tool does it all

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ERP and CRM software for Real Estate – this powerful tool does it all

People TechSoft offers modular Real Estate Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software and cloud-based application and web development for all businesses. Among these, we specialize in developing custom ERP and CRM software for Real Estate.

In short, ERP and CRM software for Real Estate helps any business plan all its available resources for a particular project which can be material, human resources, machine, equipment, or skillset. It is meant to track the progress of a project from start to finish through various stages that are pre-planned. It helps allocate the right resources and track or monitor their functionality at their concerned stages. This immensely helps in the effective utilization of resources while keeping optimum productivity and maintaining project efficiency till delivery. It helps immensely in cost-cutting measures and resource procurement too to meet deliverables within a set time.

CRM or customer resource management software is another such tool that helps in monitoring all the different aspects of indulging and interacting with your customers. This includes support tools and applications that help you communicate either over the phone or over a video call. It tracks all the communication that has happened and the ones that are scheduled while recording each of these for future reference as well as feedback and sources of information. The entire system is either standalone software or can be an embedded system, with another major app. CRM software’s really helpful in tracking situations and escalations as well as driving the entire dialogue about a certain scene between two or multiple parties which eventually helps in getting the project done.

At People Tech Soft we provide separate modules as well as a combination of multiple tools and services essential for the real estate industry. You can either subscribe or buy a single or variety of modules that are business-critical to your process, or buy the whole ERP CRM software or you can even get a Custom ERP and CRM software designed and tailor-made for your Real Estate business and processes.

Some of the modules are as below:

  •  Real Estate Module
  •  Finance Module
  •  Layout Module
  •  CRM Module
  •  Telemarketing Module
  •  Admin, HR, and Payroll Module
  •  Cheque Writing Module
  •  Construction Finance and Sales Module
  •  Construction, material, and Inventory management
  •  Estate module and Documentation and Legalities Module

And many other custom applications can again be developed as web-based and cloud-based apps or can be installed as standalone software in designated systems and internal networks of computers.

People TechSoft is well equipped with the means, experience, and expertise to develop custom, process, and industry-specific ERP and CRM software for the Real Estate Sector. One Software that has it ALL and your Real Estate business is sorted.


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