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We also undertake recruitment and hiring outsourcing to help businesses and companies with PERM Recruitments (Program Electronic Review Management) for non-IT roles that ensure that all off-shore recruitments done are legal and well regulated in the interest of the employer and follow all specifications indicated by the DOL or Department of Labor.

How are Non-IT PERM Recruitment services conducted…

Step1: understand in depth the requirements of the employer in terms of skills required, terms and duration of deployment, roles and responsibilities, perks and benefits, contractual details, and other essentials.

Step2: Screen profiles, conduct interviews, and tests run analysis, and accumulate submissions.

Step3: Finalize candidate or group of candidates with employer/clients

Step4: Check and assist an employer with all DOL regulations like filing PERM application, I-140 Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker with USCIS, fka INS, and Department of Homeland Security, followed by I-485 Application by the hiree or selected candidate, VISA approval, and eventual GREEN CARD allowing the candidate to work for a US-based employer.

Step5: Finalize the terms of employment and ensure a smooth transition into the role.

We help you check all corners and ensure proper regulation adherence, therefore guaranteeing a safe and value-adding strategic partnership for all kinds of recruitment and Non-IT PERM hiring solutions.

Feel free to reach out and discuss your hiring and recruitment requirements.

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