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Effective Sales and Lead Management with ERP and CRM Software

Sales, Marketing, and Lead Generation are vital aspects for any business as it is here that the overall revenue prospect originates that has the potential to end in a closed sale. Here comes the need for Sales and Lead Management Software. However, it doesn’t take much for complexities to arise and keep track of applied marketing strategies and expenditures therein, tracking generated leads and promising prospects, and even monitoring sales and possible closure opportunities.

All such tasks and operational proceedings require a tracking system, supporting and monitoring mechanism, or record maintenance structure which helps in understanding and processing each and every sale-related task and turning every sales pitch into a successful sale.

Lead management is something that requires the sales team to keep track of every generated lead and their interest to buy or purchase a certain product or service offered by your business.

We at People TechSoft offer sales and lead management ERP and CRM software applications and related services to a variety of sectors and industries where the system or application can take care of tracking and interacting with the generated lead while monitoring the communication between the marketing and sales team and the prospective customer.
These ERP and CRM software are fully customizable and ensure that they are not only modular in nature but come along with preloaded basic applications like calendars, reminders, and other spreadsheet tools.

Of course, since these are customizable in nature, based on the process requirement and how each intermediary process interacts, we can further develop the software to match the requirements.

Sales can vary based on how essential services and commodities are pitched in the market, also the feedback as to how each item, product, or service is being received at the end-user level needs to be recorded and documented for future reviews and for the purposes of research and development. All such features can be handled by the ERP and CRM products that People TechSoft has to offer.

Once a lead is generated it needs proper timely and periodic follow-up with the prospective client. The continued interaction generates trust of the prospect in the product or service and gradually with the help of our ERP and CRM application the sales team can monitor and see the gradual state-by-stage improvements in sales and other relevant data that can assure guaranteed successful sales.

We can also embed prediction models that can give us an idea of targets and actual sales that happen. It can track individual agents and their sales achievements and can help decide commission based on the data.

It can be embedded with other add-ons and plugins that can enhance its capabilities in terms of sales and lead management tracking and monitoring.

These are indeed essential tools for any successful business and if your business model is also based on the number of sales made then look no further and reach out for the best quote and most custom-built sales and lead management ERP and CRM solutions.


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