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Our Malware Security service helps to simplify your company’s response to some advanced malware threats by automatic detection of any unknown malware attacks and swiftly preventing them.

Malware Security Services

Noteworthy Features:

  • Making use of detection as well as blocking systems which traces custom malware delivery through web content or email and is also signature less
  • Detection and blockage of outbound command and control traffic
  • Round the clock and round the year analysis and monitoring of various security events and inbound malware
  • Event analysis integration with other log sources present within the environment
  • Constant monitoring of anomalies in event flow and checking performance trends
  • Advanced malware protection through provisioning and deployment
  • Administering upgrades as well as required patches
  • On-demand compliance and security reporting

Advantages with us:

  • We have the necessary capabilities to prevent malware infection in servers, networks and endpoint devices since these can result in loss of valuable data for any organization.
  • We also offer encryption as well as decryption facility for most of the tunneling protocols like L2TP, PPTP, SSL and IPSec.
  • We are also providing host integrity checks which enable inspection of all types of encrypted content like data sent through VPN connections.
  • Our capabilities also include content inspection in different protocols like SMTP, FTP, POP3, HTTP, IMAP and several types of compressed file formats.

Our malware security services have been developed in a manner which doesn’t impact performance or create any type of administrative overheads for you to manage. Call us now for a robust malware protection system!

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