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We are also capable of developing Healthcare management software products that again can be customized to suit your particular medical service profile. As Custom ERP and CRM software developers, we can work along with your team of healthcare or process specialist for projects that can be any of the following and more.

  •  Medical Billing generation and maintenance
  •  Medical Report generation and profiling
  •  Medical Records and Patient history maintenance
  •  Hospital Schedule and Department record maintenance
  •  Admin and HR issue tracker
  •  Inventory management software for medical equipment, drugs, medicines, etc.
  •  Patient and Customer Relationship management software
  •  Doctor, Nurse, and other staff schedules and payroll


Healthcare CRM Software

Similarly, we can develop more ERP solutions for the healthcare industry for processes supporting the business backend and front end.

All such solutions will have basic embedded tools like report generation via spreadsheets, calendars calculators, timers, records and notes, reminder tools, and many other custom tools and web-based applications that can help you plan and execute your process effectively.

Give your business the edge with our custom ERP, CRM and Web solutions…


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