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Hiring and looking for a leader and a visionary who could drive your day-to-day operations and manage the front or the backend of your business is equivalent to searching for a specific needle in a haystack that has many other needles too.

We ensure our executive recruitment services are well aligned to your vision and operational requirement where we try to understand various factors like the core product or service offering, the departmental function, relevant experience requirements, business constraints and challenges, geopolitical challenges, and issues for your business and branches, the size, persona and the background of the team that needs to be dealt with, or any particular skills or set of skills essential for delivery and eventually the remuneration package bracket.

After a proper analysis of the above data, we set out with our specialized recruitment process designed for selecting:

  •  Executive-level members
  •  Operation Managers and leads
  •  Project Managers and leads
  •  Delivery Managers and Heads
  •  Admin Managers and leads
  •  Departmental heads
  •  SME- Subject Matter Experts leading a team
  •  Board and Directorial level members

Here the candidate selection and submission happen through multilayered sets of interviews and task analysis designed to understand the candidate’s ability to tackle challenging situations, overall aptitude, subject knowledge, psychology, and even character traits.

We submit a comprehensive report that shall detail all the above and also have our recommendations for your in-house HRM team.

Thus, after careful and deliberate recruitment efforts we submit the cream list of candidates who best suit your requirements.

We offer recruitment outsourcing services to bring onboard executives roles that are permanent, acting consultant type or even contract bound.

Collaborate with us and let go of all your recruitment and talent acquisition worries. Your hiring efforts are in good hands!

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