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Email marketing is considered to be the best marketing channel providing excellent return on investment (ROI). Every successful campaign starts by first reaching a subscribers inbox. We use the right strategies which help in improving open rates of your email.

Email campaigns easily outperform other type of marketing strategies and help you easily reach your target audience.

Features Of Our Email Marketing Service

  • Simple to use drag and drop feature in email composer, email list management and campaign scheduling.
  • Automatic removal of duplicates and bad addresses.
  • Detailed report showing email open rates, clicks and shares.
  • Straightforward integration with Google Analytics and Facebook.
  • Device compatibility making sure your emails look great on every device, be it a computer, mobile phone or a tablet.
  • We do not want to brag about it but it is true that we have few hundred clients who trust us for our email marketing service.
  • We have implemented A/B testing which allows you to test emails designs and subject lines to create that perfect newsletter.
  • Inbox checker feature which lets you see how the email design will look like in most of the email clients prior to its delivery.

Why Us?

We work with every type of company whether it is a Fortune 500 company which wants us to work on their branding campaign to SME’s who are more interested in driving sales.

Our integrated email marketing package consists of bulk emailing software, user training, dedicated SMTP servers and 24/7 technical support to meet any type of requirement you may have.

What You Get?

  • Anti Spam Check: Our anti spam checking facility filters all your emails to ensure that low spam score is maintained and have better email delivery.
  • Attachment Support: We allow you to have different kinds of attachments so that you can create more personalized emails.
  • Email Templates: We provide you several hundred free responsive templates to choose form to create your own high impact email newsletters which deliver results.

Interested in taking your business to the next level? Call us to know how we can develop a strategy for a successful email marketing campaign.

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