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As you must be aware of, cPanel is one of the most common and simplest of control panels provided with any hosting plan. This is the reason we offer cPanel hosting so that it becomes easier for you to manage your hosting account.

Advantages of using cPanel

  • Using cPanel it becomes quite a straightforward task to manage files, databases, folders on the website as well as create email ids and manage domain or sub-domains. We have also performed customization of the skin to make it much more user friendly.
  • Additionally, you will find a lot many 3rd party tools so that it becomes a lot easier for you to manage your cPanel hosting account.
  • The other benefit of cPanel is that it offers a 3-tier structure allowing administrators, account resellers as well as end users to manage and control various aspects of their web site and also perform server administration from within a web browser.
  • Another advantage of cPanel is that apart from GUI, it also allows API and command line based access which can be utilized for automating different system administration tasks.
  • There are various automated deployment tools available within cPanel which make administration a lot simpler and efficient.
  • It becomes possible to easily manage various tasks such as service restarts, security checks, handling DNS functions and monitoring bandwidth stats.
  • cPanel also the functionality using which bandwidth and disk space quotas can be monitored so that it can be ensured that the system is not being abused by consumers.

Our Strength

We have a strong team of cPanel experts and certified engineers who can easily help in migration from any other hosting to cPanel hosting. Our engineers also have the capabilities to customize cPanel features to best suit your requirements and business needs.

If you are looking for customization of cPanel hosting, migration to cPanel or addition of features or add-ons then simply give us a call and our experts will take care of the task.

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