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ERP software solutions and products for the Advertising agency management Industry can be really ingenious due to the nature of the industry. Such industries are known to be extremely versatile and creative where multiple aspect determine the project delivery, quality, timeline and success. To make this job easier we bring you custom Resource Planning and Management solutions along with CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution designed for this niche industry.

Advertising Software

1. Custom Project Planner Software to help divide the project into phases and blocs of scenes and shots that can help with the shoot immensely.

2. Budget and Project Quote generation software based on resources used, timelines and scope of the project – can be highly customizable based on the features requested by the client, length of the video, amount of animation involved, effects and visualizations involved, hazards involved in shooting, editing challenges, miscellaneous etc. This helps the client understand the project intricacies and support the project through detailed billing.

3. Inventory and Equipment management software that can also track equipment maintenance (this feature can also be customized along with many other add ons)

4. Custom CRM software to help let the client share ideas as well as showcase finished project slideshows and videos privately, Web based applications, etc.

Similarly, we can provide may such custom ERP solutions for the advertising agency that includes selecting the Ad platform and digital marketing aspects.

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